VIDEO! I hate my voice and my competition is The Lion King

I don’t like appearing on camera.
I hate the sound of my own voice.
I talk too slow.
My video is not a slick production.
And my competition is the LION KING.


But you know what, I got my video up on Youtube anyway:



You too might feel like you aren’t polished enough to make videos.
Or that there’s no way you can out-do your competition.

But I recently had a friend tell me that he saw a big effect on his work-from-home earnings by about his 30th video.


That really impressed me.

And I thought, umm well I’d better start cranking those vids out!

If you aren’t sure how to go about your video marketing,
check out what I’m talking about in my video:

Oh and while you are at it, can you put a little Like on my video?
Please and thank you!

I’ve got to try to jump up above those Lion King videos!

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