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3 reasons to use images on your web pages and blog posts

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Type II

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Did you know that the earliest web pages did not, and in fact could not, contain images? The coding that was initially developed was so rudimentary that it could basically only manage to display just limited fonts and some hyperlinks.   Fortunately, web technology continued to develop until now we can enjoy all kinds of visual media on web pages.

Images, when used well, can do so much to enliven your web pages and blog posts. Here are 3 reasons to use images:

1)  An image can capture a site visitor’s attention quickly, much more so than plain text can.  Images add visual interest to the page and pique curiosity about the subject being written about.  This is so important, because you want your visitor to stay on your page as long as possible.

2)  An image can emphasize the point you are making in your blog post or web article.  It can add weight and support to the importance of your message.

3)  An image presents an added appeal to the visitor’s senses.  Can you imagine if all advertising consisted of only words, either verbal or written?  Images can help bring your words to life!

Website and blog owners often have the dilemma of having to search for images that are both free and that won’t cause copyright issues for them.   Be sure to look at the licensing and usage rights for an image.  Here is a list of a few sites you might use to find images, either free or for purchase:

Morgue File
Big Stock Photo
Deposit Photos
Open Clipart
FreeRange Stock Photos 
Flickr Creative Commons
Google Advanced Image Search



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