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How To Answer Your Clients’ Most Frequent Questions

You know those dolls that talk when you pull the string?  (Maybe they don’t make them anymore and I’m showing my age just mentioning them.)  Do you feel like some kind of robot some days, when you find yourself repeating the same old information over and over to your clients?  Here’s another reason to have a website!
Obviously, if you are in some sort of offline business, a website would be useful in order to provide some basic information about you and your business, such as your hours of operation, your address, driving directions and a map (if your business has a physical location such as a store or office).  Naturally, the most basic website would include all of that.


Let’s think of some other specific examples of answers that you could “automate” by including them on web pages.  What about people who are about to apply for a business loan?  Wouldn’t it be extremely helpful for them to have a checklist for the information and paperwork they need in order to put together the business plan they will need to present?  What great info to put on a web page!

Or let’s say you are a real estate agent.  Do your clients know what they need to do to get their home ready to sell?  Could you maybe explain on a webpage what “staging” is?  Of course!  Then, instead of spending a lot of time explaining this concept, you simply refer your clients to that page on your site.

So start making a list of the same-old same-old information that you find yourself having to repeat on a regular basis.  This list will form the basis for your “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs), “About Us” and “Contact Us” web pages, among other possible pages.  Think of all the time and energy you will free up by “automating” your answers on your website!  


Don’t let your business get left behind because of lacking a web presence.  Get started now with your own website!  

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