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Great Paying Affiliate Program: MCA (Motor Club of America)

What is MCA Motor Club of America?


Motor Club of America (MCA) is an auto club membership program, with a fantastic package of benefits that far exceeds what is offered by other roadside assistance companies, as well as offering an affiliate program with excellent commissions.


MCA offers various forms of roadside assistance, including towing and help when you lock yourself out of your car or run out of gas.  But MCA goes far beyond roadside assistance, with an interesting and very unique range of accompanying benefits such as medical and hospitalization coverage, legal assistance, and travel discounts.

MCA, with the assistance of Oklahoma City-headquartered TVC Marketing, has come up with a positively brilliant compensation plan that is quickly attracting thousands of serious marketers.  The compensation plan makes MCA a very lucrative business for you to get into.

How Do I Find Potential Customers For MCA?

Your prospective MCA customer is anyone who drives a motor vehicle in North America!  So just think: you will not run out of prospects, and the market will certainly not become over-saturated anytime soon. MCA has been steadily growing as the motor club of choice in the United States and Canada because of its wide range of benefits.  It is also available in Puerto Rico.  But how many people do you know that have MCA policies already?  And had you yourself even heard of MCA until recently?  This all means that you have a hugely wide open field to market to!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Selling MCA?

MCA requires only $40 to join – actually, you pay the equivalent of the first month and the “last month” of the membership policy, which amounts to $19.95 x 2, or $39.90 total (you’ll purchase the MCA Total Security Motor Club option to be able to sell memberships).  Yet you will turn this small business start-up investment into unlimited commissions of $80 and up per referral.  Yes, really!!  This represents a 200% commission payout for each Total Security membership you sell, and the commission amount can actually go up with more policies sold within a calendar week.

While it is not unheard of for an affiliate program to have such a high initial payout on a product, really good commission structures such as this are a bit hard to find, so this is why the MCA affiliate program is such an exciting one.

After those initial costs, you will have only the monthly membership fee of $19.95.  So if you only sold one membership a month, you still come out with profit.  (But with $80 commissions ready to be made, I think you will buckle down and get to work!)  The only other expense that might be required is if the state you live in has a fee for selling motor club policies.  This may be $10 or $20, and many states do not have such a requirement at all.  When you sign up in MCA, you can look up this information in your back office.

One of the few things you might miss about a “regular” job is the regular paycheck, right?  Well, you can have that with MCA.  You will get paid by direct deposit every Friday for your sales made the previous calendar week.

What Do I Need For Selling MCA?

MCA/TVC provides you with an official site, which is free, and it looks like this: https://www.tvcmatrix.com/SharonGibson.  Hmm, what can I say…well, at least we get that!  That site is the ONLY official site where payment to enroll in MCA is made.  But as a marketing tool…umm…not very exciting, is it?  If you want to sell MCA, please don’t just send prospects straight to that site!  You need something that does a little pre-selling and that presents information in a more appealing way. So you have several options to consider for presenting your MCA business to others.  I have some suggestions…

Naturally, with my experience in internet marketing, you know I am going to recommend that you get web hosting, put up a website, and use a lead capture and autoresponder system such as what you get with All In One Profits (AIOP), if you don’t have all those things already.    This is the best way to run an internet business!  Here is a lead capture page I’ve set up for MCA, using my AIOP web tools: http://www.allinoneprofits.com/3mz .  I’ve raved about how great I think AIOP is in my article “All In One Profits (AIOP), My Top Recommendation!“, but of course, I realize that if you are  just starting out in internet marketing, you might feel that you do not have the funds for all of these things just yet.  But let me just point this out: your very first MCA commission of $80 will cover your $39.90 entry cost, cover your state motor club fee if there is any, AND leave you at least $20 left over in profit!!  So I would strongly recommend you then sign up with AIOP, because you are really going to need those web tools for your online business, and AIOP has training videos to show you how to set everything up.

One more option you can look at is this: the MCA In The USA site.  It is a nice information site, and it costs $37 to set up (price may vary or be discounted at times), and then $3.95 a month to cover the hosting.  It links to your official TVC site.  But it is an info site only, with no lead capture system.    I signed up for this because at the time I started MCA, I felt that I was too busy to create my own site.   This site can be purchased here through JVZoo, and if you plan on building a downline with MCA, be sure to join JVZoo’s affiliate program as well.

But once again, I think the ideal thing would be for you to put up your own site with lead capture forms tied to your own autoresponder.

Is It Hard To Be An MCA Associate?

The business is easy to understand and straightforward.  The back office of the free website MCA/TVC Marketing provides for you will have all the educational materials you will need to study in order to familiarize yourself with all the various benefits and membership packages.  You can print these out and put them in a binder to refer to when you are talking to or sending messages to a prospective referral.

Since you will be an independent MCA Associate, you will have the freedom to set your own schedule, run your business from anywhere, and market to any area of the country.  No previous experience is needed except for the most basic computer skills.

Another thing I like about MCA is that you can choose any combination of online marketing (such as social media and free online advertising) or offline marketing (such as distributing flyers) you wish.  Do whatever you have had success with in the past, or whatever suits your personal style!  Do you like talking to people in person or on the phone?  Start handing out flyers and business cards and invite people to call you!  Prefer to stay in front of your computer?  Work those social media accounts!  Do you like blogging, writing web articles, or making videos for Youtube?  Great, those are all excellent!  There is really no end to ways to market MCA.  It is not really anything complicated.  A great many MCA associates have made jaw-dropping weekly paychecks with even the most simple free methods.

I can provide you with an abundance of marketing suggestions, and when you join, I will email you a package of digital materials such as flyers that you can print out.

You will also have the freedom to use your own special abilities, skills, and ideas.  Isn’t that one of the beautiful things about working as independent internet marketers?  We can pretty much do whatever we like, and think up our own ideas and carry them out!

You may choose to build a team and enjoy the additional financial rewards of having a downline (and get paid $6 for each of your first generation’s membership sales), or you may choose the simplicity of focusing on just promoting the membership benefits. The possibilities are endless!

MCA is available only to residents of USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  If you have any other questions about MCA, you can read more information on my site http://sharongibson.mcatoolkit.com.

Ready to join my team?  

Yes! I’m ready to get my $80 commissions!!




All In One Profits (AIOP), My Top Recommendation!


What is All In One Profits (AIOP)?

When you start an online business, there are several essential web tools you will need.  I was always on the lookout for ways to keep my costs down, so I was thrilled when I came across All In One Profits (AIOP).

I had been keeping my eyes open for a good affiliate program that would provide monthly recurring “residual” income.  I already had web hosting but I was actually looking for a splash page builder at the time that I first saw AIOP.  Among all the other features it offers, AIOP has a splash page builder, so that caught my attention…but as I took a closer look at what this company offers for such a low monthly cost, I was VERY impressed!

All In One Profits (AIOP) offers a fantastic set of web tools all in one place: web hosting, a double opt-in autoresponder, a splash/squeeze page builder, link tracker system, link rotator, a product library, and more – for only $11.50 a month!!

Included with your web tools package is video training so you will know exactly how to put these tools to work for you in your online business.

The Easiest And Quickest Way to Put Up a Website

I quickly put up a WordPress site, and you can see it here: OnlineBizToday.info (I know, I need to put more content on it!).  I had the domain name already, but it was easy to direct the domain to my new AIOP site.  AIOP provides access to a CPanel  where you can do all kinds of things with just a few clicks.  I show you the steps for setting up the hosting and the WordPress site here: “Set Up Your AIOP Web Hosting.”  And I easily uploaded a WordPress theme that I had saved on my computer, but of course there are plenty of nice themes already available right there in the WordPress dashboard.

Build Your Own Lead Capture Pages

And using that Splash Page Builder I was initially hunting for, I’ve built various lead capture pages and connected them to different series of automated messages I set up in AIOP’s autoresponder.  Here are a few examples of lead capture pages I’ve made with AIOP:

AIOP lead capture page for myself and my downline members

MCA Motor Club of America 

MyFunLife – Chinese

The 180 Solution


Making Profits With AIOP

Additionally, not only do you get all these neat tools with AIOP, you are also able to earn $10 recurring monthly residual commissions on your downline referrals at even the Basic level membership.  Just 2 referrals under you will not only will cover your monthly cost by paying you $20 every month, but will also begin to put you in profit. You cannot go wrong with that!  Be sure to watch the video which explains AIOP’s unique compensation system.  Just keep building up your referrals, and you will build up your residual income.  It’s so nice getting those payments every month, and you are giving people something they really need and will keep using for such a reasonable price.  

I started with the Basic level membership, which costs only $11.50 monthly ($10 + $1.50 payment processor fee).  But then to my surprise, my very first referral signed up at the Pro Level!  I realized that I would get $15 paid to me instead of $10 for each Pro level member under me if I too was at Pro, so I quickly upgraded!  The cost for that membership is $21.74 ($20 +$1.74 payment processor fee), and I get even more features that I wanted and needed anyway.  Just go to the Products page on the AIOP site and you will see the differences in the 2 membership levels.

Compare With Other Online Business Tools and Services

Whether you start at the Basic or the Pro, do you realize what a fantastic price that is for all that?  Let’s do a quick comparison by seeing what most people are paying for their online business tools…

Ok, you can get good web hosting for about $7 a month.  Not bad.  But you will have to go outside of your hosting company to get the other things you need.  The autoresponder services most marketers go with cost about $20 a month, and the tracker service that is the most popular is $9.95 monthly.  And that ad creator company for building your splash pages?  That costs $19.95 a month.  Let’s see…so far, that brings your monthly costs to about $57!  Oh wait a minute, what about that hugely popular blog network so many people have jumped into?  Don’t even get me started on that…you get a WordPress site that will cost you $25 every month, but it looks just like everybody else’s who is a member of that network, and it will cost you an additional $19.95 monthly if you’d like the privilege to try to recover your expenses by referring others to the network.  LOL!  No thank you!!  I’m sticking with AIOP.

Tools For Everyone In Online Business

I like knowing AIOP is not out to scam uninformed new online business people with overly high-priced products.  AIOP is simple yet it gives you so much.  I really like this honest and straight-up company with its solid products.  These are the tools that EVERYONE in online business needs to have, and AIOP puts these tools within the reach of all people.  I like being with a company that is growing and is international, expanding into other languages.

While you use your AIOP web tools to build up any business you want, you can easily add AIOP to the list of programs that you recommend to others, as I am doing.  So take a look at AIOP and start now to take your online business to the next level!

Come join me in AIOP!