Open A Chase Bank Account And Make A $200 Bonus And $50 Per Referral

Did you see how much money I made with the Chase Bank free offer last year?!!

$700!!  And this is a ZERO COST offer, so you literally have nothing to lose!

I did very little to advertise this – I just mostly posted about it on social media – so I was very pleased with the free money I made with it.

I had reached the limit of how many referrals I could make, but I now have this offer again for a very limited time.  Chase says this offer is good until 10/12/2020, so you need to HURRY and get this done.

The Chase bank referral program first gives you a $200 bonus for signing up. Use the following link to create your account: 

Open A Chase Bank Account And Make A $200 Bonus And $50 Per Referral

On top of that, you can then make an additional $500 for referring 10 people to Chase. 

TIP: Your family and friends might not believe you at first when you tell them about this, but SHOW THEM THE PROOF when you get your $200.  They WILL want in on this free money!

Read the conditions for getting the Chase Bonus, but it's pretty easy, you just set up an ACH credit. 

You can go here to see my Chase Bonus video that I made last year, as well as see screenshots of the bonuses that showed up in my Chase checking account.

Go get that freee money!!

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