Motivation Doesn’t Last, So Work On It Every Day

motivation doesn't last

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

I remember thinking when I first read this quote that it was a little bit silly.  But then I started to think about the meaning of it.  Zig Ziglar could sum things up so plainly and yet so accurately.  I agree, sometimes motivation does not last.  We can be a ball of fire one day, and then we feel our fire has burned out the very next day.

So why is it motivation can be so transitory and easily lost?  Everyone is different in how well they can hold onto their motivation and sustain that spark that keeps them going.  Some don’t ever seem to let up in their motivation, so you might wonder what’s wrong with you.

You may be overwhelmed.

You may have let other people discourage you.

You may have an inborn and deeply ingrained tendency to let negative thinking take over your mind.

You may be just plain tired.

Or you may not be able to completely figure out why you lose motivation, but regardless the cause of it, even just being conscious of the need to start over every day with your motivation may be all you need.  Maybe just realizing that motivation has to be a daily thing you “do” can be enough.  Really, you just need enough to get through this single day, right?  And then you can deal with tomorrow when it gets here.

I like to write out a few statements on a piece of paper and look at these every morning. Statements that answer questions like “who am I?  What do I want out of my life?  What direction do I want to be headed, and how do I plan to get there?”  I seem to need these little daily reminders about what I’m doing and why.  And reviewing these reminders can get me on the right track every morning.  Just like taking my morning shower.

So get a good night’s sleep, and start over in the morning.