Learn, Implement, Teach [L.I.T.]

learn implement teach LIT


I have certainly made many mistakes over the years as I was learning how to make money in online marketing.

And now I’m going to tell you about 2 of them…


Remember this word: “LIT.”

In this context, it stands for Learn, Implement, Teach.


I have never had a problem with the first one, learning.

I love to learn all about marketing and continue to do so every day.


But you can’t stay stuck in “learning mode” and not move forward.

You must then implement, or put into practice what you learn.


Then at some point, to also teach what you’ve learned helps both you and the people who follow you.

I wished I had especially applied that 3rd step many years ago.


If I had done that all along, I would have a huge Youtube channel, as well as a great many web pages and other content out there that I could refer people to so that they could also benefit.


I would have had my own training courses up and running a long time ago.


As for regrets when you look back at the past and see the mistakes you made, don’t beat yourself up over them…you can only learn from those mistake and try to do better moving forward!


So remember: “L.I.T.”  😉

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