How To Get Lost Website Content Back

404 page not foundHave you ever wondered if you can get lost web content back?  How do you find it?  Some time back, I lost some content from a website. My sites hosted with Godaddy had gone down, and when I called tech support, they acknowledged that the problem was on their end. They soon restored my sites…but OLD versions of my sites!  (I had several sites under one account, so they were all affected.)  Any content I had added during the past year or so was not there.

After quite some time spent on the phone, I was finally informed that my recent content could not be retrieved. At first, I was pretty annoyed, but really, I had not written such a great amount of content over the past year, so this was not such the horrendous disaster that it might have been. I really have not been such a proficient web writer when it comes to content for my own sites.  So I told myself that I needed to update my site anyway and this would give me a bit of a push to do just that. I think it was just a freak thing that could happen with any hosting company. Also, it’s really my responsibility to back up my own site, and I been lax about doing that.

I found some of the lost content in files I had saved on my computer, but not all of it. But I knew that the Internet loves to save copies too, so I wanted to share a little shortcut you can try in case this happens to you. It’s called The WayBack Machine, and you can find it here: .  I was able to pull up archived copies of my web content, and I simply copied-and-pasted what I wanted to restore into new posts on my site, nice and quick.  There are more technical and thorough ways to retrieve your lost web content, but as I said, this is a shortcut, it works well if you’re not needing huge amounts of content restored, and many times it’s all you will really need.

So now, as my dad would say, “let that be a lesson to you.”



Photo Credit: CyboRoZ via Compfight cc