Free Money From Chase

I made $700 in 2019 on this free offer! 

This offer is from, and it initially pays you a fantastic signup bonus of $200 to start with.  This is the highest-paying offer of it’s kind that I know of.

You should get the $200 within 10 business days (I got mine in 8).  You then get an additional $50 per person who you refer using the link they will give you, up to 10 referrals within 1 year’s time.  That’s another $500, for a total of $700 in FREE MONEY.

This offer is only available in the USA.  DEADLINE FOR THIS OFFER: 10/12/2020.  I have a bit of training down below as well, so make sure to check it all out.

This is a TEAM PAGE to help everyone. This page has MY links (Sharon Gibson’s), so be sure to use the link of the person who sent you to this page.

If I (Sharon Gibson) have directed you to this page, CLICK HERE to get the free $200 signup bonus from Chase.

The video you see below is the one I made in 2019, and you should note that Chase updated their terms and conditions since last year.  You can read those on the signup page, but I just want to point out that the Cash App method of depositing $1 that I mention in the video is no longer allowed by Chase.  BUT the $200 signup Bonus as well as the $50 per refer-a-friend program is all still working.  And keep in mind it’s still FREE MONEY!


Here are screenshots from my Chase account showing the bonus payments I received:


Chase Visa card
Chase will mail you a Visa debit card, and you can use (or withdraw) your Bonus money as soon as your Bonuses appear in your online account.

CLICK HERE to get the free $200 signup bonus from Chase.

Here are Chase’s instructions for setting up direct deposit
If you wish to set up an ACH deposit to Chase from another bank, please contact that bank and they will have instructions for you to do that.

And as a side point, you may still download the free Cash App mentioned in the video if you don’t have it already, and receive $15 when you use the Cash App to send $5! More free money! See why you need to hang out with me? 😎 LOL.  Use your phone (Android or iPhone) and this link:  [The Reward/Referral Code is DBTRQDK]



Another tip I forgot to mention in the above video! Don’t post the same text and the same image over and over.  Rotate between several different “ads” and different images throughout the day.

Links mentioned in video:  For making image ads on your computer For making image ads on your phone Copy-and-paste symbols for Facebook

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