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WordPress tip: What to do if your Visual tab does not work in the editor

visual tab in dashboard

This is how your WordPress visual tab is supposed to look in the Dashboard!


On one of my hosting accounts where I have 2 WordPress sites, I noticed in the Dashboard on both sites that the Visual tab was not working in the editor, and I could not make new posts. I could see the tab, but it was grayed out and nothing happened when I clicked on it.

So I went about searching for possible solutions and trying various things. Since I didn’t check both sites at first, I suspected it was the free theme I had uploaded on the first site. Sometimes themes can do strange things! So unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time looking at other themes and trying them out, only to realize that did not solve the issue.

Then I tinkered around with the plugins I had installed. That wasn’t it. I dug around in my WordPress template files, but nothing jumped out at me as being faulty. So then I moved to doing a fresh install of WordPress. That still didn’t solve the problem!

Finally, I came across the right solution, and it was such an easy fix! Apparently, this issue with the Visual tab has been a common problem with the release of WordPress version 3.5. If you have this same issue, just give this a try:

1. Log onto your server and go to the root directory. Look for the wp-config.php file and open it up for editing.

2. Before you tinker with code in any file like this, be sure to carefully copy the code and paste it into a Notepad file, as a backup copy in case you mess something up!

3. Write the line of code define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); toward the bottom of the file, just above where it indicates to “stop editing,” which you will probably see between a set of  /* ……..   */  marks, which are programming comments.  Don’t forget to include the little semi-colon!   And save and close your file, and log back into your Dashboard.  This is how the code looked in my file:

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);
/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */