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Use Instant Rewards For Getting Started In Online Marketing

Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards is a money-making work-at-home program I had been checking out and researching for a while, and so I finally signed up and got started with it, and I really like how it works.  What other program can you get into for free (or maybe $1) and make $90 for each of your referrals?  That, plus several other factors, makes Instant Rewards very appealing.

Instant Rewards Is Perfect If You Are New To Working Online

The Instant Rewards system is so simple and easy to use!  This is one of the best things about it.  You can literally be up and running and ready to make money in about an hour, more or less, from your own signup to your first Facebook post with your referral link.    

Don’t really have much experience in online marketing?  Don’t worry!  I love the way the Instant Rewards Network equips you with everything you need.  All you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection, and your willingness to put the effort into what you are doing.  You only need basic internet and computer skills, for example such as knowing how to register on a classified ads site and create a user account, and how to copy and paste!

Don’t really feel like you are a good salesperson?  Not to worry about that, either, because the Instant Rewards Network has all the materials you will need, and the free website you get with it will do all the selling for you.  All you have to do is get your referral link out there online where people will see it and click on it.  The Instant Rewards Network system will take it from there!

What is Instant Rewards, Exactly?



Instant Rewards is a company that teams up with other big companies such as, USA Today, Disney Book Club, GameFly, Fingerhut, and many others.  Those companies have a contract with Instant Rewards for advertising trial offers of their products.  The reasoning for this is simply that those companies know many customers who try these products will want to remain customers of that company.  Instant Rewards shows all these offers together on its website, letting you have a nice selection of offers to try out.


Instant Rewards offers

A view of some of the offers.

I know A LOT of people love signing up with these types of “freebies” and “trial offers” companies.  Personally, it’s not what I’m really interested in doing all the time, BUT remember, in the case of Instant Rewards, you only have do a few of these offers, one time only, to qualify to refer others to Instant Rewards and be able get the referral commissions.  Just complete enough offers to qualify for the referral payments, and you are DONE with signing up for offers.  The rest of your Instant Rewards business will be the part where you advertise the program to others to get them to sign up as your referrals (and collect your payments into your PayPal!)

Start Here With Instant Rewards

My Instant Rewards Signup Help Site

To get to the point where you are eligible for $90 total on each of your referrals, click on the red link above and you will go through 2 Instant Rewards sections, first doing the “Starter” program, which pays $20 on each of your referrals, and then the “60” program, which actually is paying $70 right now instead of $60 because of a nice little bonus.  In each of those two parts, you only need to do enough offers to add up to one full credit, 1.0.  One full credit in Starter, and one full credit in 60.  You will see there are plenty of free offers.

Important: do both programs!  You don’t want have a referral signing up under the 60 when you haven’t done it yet, or you won’t get paid that $70! 

Which ones should you do?  Whichever ones look interesting to you!  Just pay attention to whether an offer is free or if it costs, whether the credit is listed as being instant or not (I wanted instant credits only because I wanted to qualify to get my referral link right away), and take a look at the Terms for each offer.  In my case, I wasn’t worried about paying a bit for certain things I wanted to try out, but it’s totally up to you which offers you want to do.

So to use myself as an example, here are the offers I did:

Instant Rewards Starter

The offers I completed in Starter.


Instant Rewards credits

The offers I did in the 60 program.

I did an offer for a credit report, but it didn’t credit me right away.  That offer costs $1 and I think it didn’t give me instant credit because I used a debit card.  We can contact Instant Rewards customer support (you just click a link to get to them) when we need help with something like this, but rather than wait, I went back and simply did another offer so I could finish meeting the offer requirements.

Instant Rewards and the companies it uses only ask that you try out a product for 80-90% of the trial period before cancelling if you don’t care for the product.  Again, just look at the individual company’s Terms and keep track of any cancellation dates.  You’ll likely get a separate email from each offer’s company, but you can also log back into Starter and 60 from your Instant Rewards Network back office if you need to find the phone numbers for cancellations.  Since you’ll only have a total of maybe 6-8 offers between Starter and 60, and not all offers will be something you’ll actually have to cancel, it’s pretty easy to keep track.

How To Get Referrals For Instant Rewards

Once you are signed up, you will begin to get a series of automated emails.  These are part of the Instant Rewards Network automated “autoresponder” pre-written emails.  I have edited my autoresponder messages, and I have included links to specialized training in my emails.   You’ll be provided with full training, for free, on everything you need to know.  This is actually a very thorough training that you will use for years to come as you do online marketing in any business.

Here are just some of the a few of the many tutorials included in the training:

  • How to set up a free dedicated Google Voice phone line (I use mine for texting)
  • Tips and tricks for posting on Craigslist
  • How to market on Facebook
  • How to do forum marketing
  • The Top 20 free classified ads sites to use
  • How to make clickable image ads
  • How to bring “traffic” to your lead capture page
  • How to target your marketing to certain groups

That’s just a sample…good stuff, huh?  You’ll also notice there is a huge focus on free marketing methods.  Perfect if you are just starting out in your home business!  

You’ll be able to work through the training at your own pace.  You can just look at whatever section you want to learn about at any given moment, and you can return to review anything you studied already.

In addition to the training you get, you will also get all of this for free:

  • An already-set-up website
  • A selection of lead capture pages
  • Back office with a built-in contact manager where you will see your leads
  • The autoresponder series with pre-loaded messages, as I mentioned already
  • The ability to export your leads (so you will have built your own email list!)

This is truly one of the best systems I’ve ever seen to get people started making money online! 

Start Here With Instant Rewards

Who Can Join Instant Rewards?

Instant Rewards is available in US, Canada, UK, and Australia.   If you don’t live in one of those countries, I’m so sorry…but don’t worry! I’ve got a different program you can take a look at.   It builds monthly residual income and provided web tools for online business, so I really love it.  You can request info for it here: All In One Profits – Request Info .  I’ve also written about it on this site, in this article “All In One Profits (AIOP), My Top Recommendation!”  It is available to any country where you can use PayPal, Payza, or Payoneer.