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Open A Chase Bank Account And Make A $200 Bonus And $50 Per Referral

Did you see how much money I made with the Chase Bank free offer last year?!! $700!!  And this is a ZERO COST offer, so you literally have nothing to lose! I did very little to advertise this – I just mostly posted about it on social media – so I was very pleased with the […]

Learn, Implement, Teach [L.I.T.]

  I have certainly made many mistakes over the years as I was learning how to make money in online marketing. And now I’m going to tell you about 2 of them…   Remember this word: “LIT.” In this context, it stands for Learn, Implement, Teach.   I have never had a problem with the […]

Focus on what you CAN control

      Are you “proactive”? Or are you reactive?   Reactive people always focus on the things they cannot control.  These are the people who are always complaining about something.   Proactive people realize that even when their complaints are valid, it doesn’t help them to be constantly complaining if there’s nothing they can really […]

NEW LAUNCH!! Get off to a fast start making some extra money!

Let’s get this week started off with a bang… 💥 ‼NEW LAUNCH ‼ I’m working “behind the scenes” on training, web content, and videos to answer the questions I’m getting about the umm, more than 1 income stream I started over the past couple of weeks 😱😁… But for now, start with taking a look at this NEW […]

Never say you can’t get business leads – here’s 2.41 billion

  Never say you can’t get business leads. Never say you don’t have a big list to market to. Here’s why…   I always say “leads are people, and people are everywhere.” So obviously, it makes sense to go where you would find large numbers of people that you can reach quickly in one place, […]

Post content that is “share-able”

If you use social media to help you build your online business, I have a tip for you: Post content that is share-able. What do I mean?       If your posts are all about you, sure, people will care…but will your readers really care enough to SHARE it? Content gets shared when it […]

How I started getting 100 leads a day (SUPER EASY method)

I love working on my online biz and I make money doing it…. But I was having a big problem…. Both parents each had a critical medical crisis within months of each other… And I had a bunch of other offline stuff going on as well. I got so horribly busy with my offline life… […]

Add an About page to your website or blog

❗Here’s a little tip for you if you have a website or blog… Do you know what one of the most-visited pages on a website is? Statistically, besides the Home page – which is where a visitor will normally land first, it will almost always be the “About” page (if you have one). What does […]

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