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Sharon GibsonHi, welcome to my website!  I’m Sharon Gibson, and I’ve been working online for several years.  I specialize in helping people start making money online, with very low cost opportunities.

Here’s a brief version of my journey…I struggled for a LONG time to figure out how to make money working from home.

I knew that people really did make money online…but how??  I had no idea where to start.

I tried so many things in my journey to figure things out…doing surveys, clicking emails for cash…so many time-wasting things that didn’t pay.

Then I started looking into affiliate marketing, which to put it simply, is selling things online for a commission.

I was starting to get on the right track!  The first money I made online was by selling cosmetics, and I was so excited!

But I still had a lot to learn.

You see, I didn’t have a mentor or coach, so to try to learn online marketing and advertising methods, I spent tons of time reading people’s blogs, Googling and researching, and viewing Youtube videos.

Gradually, things started taking shape and working a bit better for me…but very slowly!

I didn’t really make that much money with the cosmetics biz, so I kept looking…

Next, I moved into the “trial offers” industry, where I was paid to refer others to try out products.  I did make some pretty decent money with that, but eventually I got a bit tired of it and was ready to try a different way to make money online.

Then I discovered an “instant pay” business, and wow! that was so exciting!  Ok, it was just a $5 product, LOL, but still, it built my confidence to see those little payments coming into my account.

When I saw an easy “copy and paste” business program that I could get into for $25, bundled with a super good training that showed me what I needed to improve in and how, that’s what REALLY started to make a difference for me.

So now here I am, with a small but good handful of “money-makers” that all work well and absolutely loving working at home.

Since I myself started with hardly any money and no knowledge, I have a big focus on showing you money-making programs that you can start for very low cost, as well as providing you with solid step-by-step training.  I never forget what it’s like to badly want to make money online from home but not having much money to invest and not knowing what to do.

With the information I give you on this website, I am going to give you my best advice as to what exactly to do, so that you too can make money online and save yourself from losing so much time and money trying to figure it all out as I did!

Best wishes for your success!

Sharon Gibson

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