How To Start Making Money Online

How To Start With No Money and Make Money Online

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I myself started in online marketing with nothing several years ago and not a very clear idea of exactly what to do to make money online. I just knew lots of people successfully did it, so why not try? I was fascinated with the internet and the wealth of information and instruction available at your fingertips. And the more I learned about websites and online marketing, the more I loved it.

I’ve been very fortunate that I somehow knew to do a couple of things right: 1) I got web hosting and a domain name very early on, and 2) I didn’t waste large amounts of money on other people’s “systems”, ebooks, or training programs.

I did have quite a bit of college studies in business, web development, and computer science (I became gravely ill and didn’t finish my Bachelor’s). And I have acquired some really great experience working in tech support for websites and software. So that has all been useful knowledge. I’ve experimented with different ways to make money online such as designing websites for other people and writing web content. But mostly, I’ve ended up doing affiliate marketing and similar types of online selling and marketing, and I really enjoy that as well make money at it.

So what do I look for in an affiliate program before I join it? Here’s some of my criteria for what I choose:

1) It has to actually be a good product that I would use myself and that I think other people really need and will use. Here’s an example I’ve seen of the type of online thing I do NOT like: a “system” advertised as paying you $25 to “process emails”…hmm, that sounds easy enough, right? And so you pay the $25 to join, and what do you get? Instructions to send out emails that advertise “$25 to process emails”. Yep, pay money for NOTHING. There are quite a few of such schemes out there.  I hate these, not only because they trick people out of their money but also they make it seem that everything advertised as a way to make money online must be a scam, and that’s not true.

2) I look for a low entry cost. Some affiliate programs you can join for free, and others might require some cost to get into. If the entry cost is high, and your commission depends on getting referrals to sign up also, this can easily be a BAD idea that will be too hard to make money with.

3) What is the market for this product?   Who is looking to buy this product?  What is the demand for it?  I generally don’t consider something that very few people will actually be interested in, although some marketers love looking for these exclusive niche markets.

4) How much profit can be made? Obviously, you want to get a nice commission rate while at the same time having a product that is not so cost-prohibitive for your potential customer. An example I often use when I’m trying to explain what affiliate marketing is to someone is  Very well known, and if you are an Amazon affiliate and you use your amazon links they give you with your unique id embedded in them and you direct someone to the Amazon site and that person makes a purchase, you get commission.  Oh, but it’s only 4%!  So Amazon as an affiliate program can cover my previous 3 points of criteria above, but it’s very hard to make a substantial income with it!

5) Is there potential for passive and/or residual income?Passive income” can come from any variety of programs. There are various money-cycling programs that claim to be passive, but I generally don’t trust those or like them. Do you really make money from doing NOTHING? A type of income I do like which is sometimes referred to as “passive” is some sort of compensation you might get for building a downline team. You help people to make money and to learn how to help other people to do the same thing, and the company whose products you are promoting rewards all of you for helping them build their business. This is a common business model in the online world, and a lot of affiliate programs are set up this way. I help my direct referrals, and then my earnings on the people they in turn help becomes “passive” income for me. Don’t be fooled, so-called passive income will involve some work!

And then there is residual income which you receive on a recurring basis. Typically, this can be monthly commission payments made to you by your sign-ups into a membership of some type, or re-orders of a consumable product. Web hosting is an example of this when the hosting company pays you a little something each month for as long as your referrals keep their membership. I love residual income (what’s not to love about getting paid regularly?), and it’s a good idea to belong to at least one program that builds up residual income for you.

So what do I recommend for you?  Well, I’d like to show you a program that has it all, designed to build both a fast as well as a long-term income for you, a terrific product that works wonders and is in high demand, and superior training and support:

My Skinny Money Solution: Skinny Body Care 

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Skinny Body Care is a very affordable option and a great income earner, but if you don’t have the money or the interest in the product, then I’d recommend you go with Instant Rewards.  IR is a super-good solution for getting you started working online, and I’ve made really good money with it:

Use Instant Rewards For Getting Started In Online Marketing


If you already have a product or service, I wholeheartedly recommend All In One Profits for setting up a complete online business marketing system, with a website, lead capture pages, and autoresponder series for email marketing.   Read more about why I love All In One Profits and why I use my AIOP tools every single day, in my article “All In One Profits (AIOP), My Top Recommendation!”

Best wishes for your success!